On getting super emo because Bank Square Pizza is closing.

Joe Ricchio, Joel Beauchamp the Knack Factory production crew, [158 / Pocket Brunch proprietors] Josh and Katie Potocki and I met Marilu Larrea Scott when we all filmed an episode of Food Coma TV there in the summer of 2012. We visited and fell in love with her restaurant Bank Square Pizza which is, despite what its name implies, very easily the very best Mexican food restaurants in Maine. In fact my family and I will be vacationing in Eastport in August, and the existence of both Marilu and Bank Square Pizza weighed heavily into our decision to do so.

Joe and I received a bummer of a message from Marilu this weekend. It explained that sometime before the end of September she would be selling or closing down the restaurant. She reports that:

With 12+ eateries on this island it has been impossible to make ends meet. As much as I would love to continue making Mexican food, it’s no longer financially feasible. I have to call it a day.

Beyond her abilities as a food magician—the food is, no matter where you are in this state, worth the sojourn to taste before the opportunity to do so no longer exists—Marilu is quite simply delightful. She welcomed us with the widest open arms. She fed and fed and fed us, and after we left, she has stayed in touch, cheered on all of our respective endeavors, been endlessly encouraging, and continued to be the sweetest, most positive presence in our lives over the past year.

And so thanks to the connective powers of the social web, I am confident that we will stay connected and remain in each others lives. I very much look forward to seeing and celebrating Marilu and Bank Square Pizza in August. And, again, if you have not yet had the great pleasure of meeting Marilu and earning the opportunity to say that you have been moved by her cooking, get to Eastport immediately before it is too late.

Here we are eating at Bank Square Pizza back in May of last year:

Photo Credit: Zack Bowen / Knack Factory


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