Portland Digital Inventory: “What is the story with your second nose” Edition

Top 7 lines from Greater Portland Missed Connections:

  • Get back to me. Also any guys with big asses. LINK
  • I know I’m with your sister, but please know how much I care for you. LINK
  • life is like a box off chocolates LINK
  • Now that we’re broken up, I can finally ask; what is the story with your second nose? LINK
  • I have my own mouse now, but he’s yet to introduce himself. LINK
  • I saw you walk out with your shoes off and saw you take a little tumble. You looked like you really hurt yourself… I have your shoes. You left them in the bathroom. My friend found them. LINK
  • i dont know what we’re doing or what we’re headed for….  but know this…….we are infinete…. LINK

Top 9 Instagram photos tagged #PortlandMaine:

Best blog review of Eventide Oyster Company:

“Can anything be wrong that involves the words ‘rum butter’?”

Best reveling in India-Street-living:

Shea Gunther: “Regardless of how each of the plans are received by city officials, Sustain Southern Maine offers a great template for other states and regions to follow. If we are truly to pursue the precepts of ‘think globally, act locally,’ it’s up to each of us to figure out how to best integrate our own neighborhoods into the global network of Everyone Else.”

Best video of local artists doing their thing [Metal Feathers play “Dreary Beats” as captured by Brass Cankles]:

Most entertaining search terms to have guided traffic to this blog in the past 20 or so days:

  • they are 14 and guys watching them are perverts
  • gay pics
  • judd nelson shirtless
  • anna kendrick on losing her virginity
  • any naked pictures of alex bennett of cbs
  • we all grew up around the stereotype
  • aprons past and present
  • chris busby is an asshole bangor daily news
  • kevin costner crystal clear pepsi
  • can you send a photo of porn

Most popular highlights from Maine, Obviously:

  • “Halloween is a day to acknowledge dark forces at work in the world, the 31-year-old [Stephen King]. He said real fans should wait until about 11 pm, then go off to a graveyard, ‘sit down for a while and talk about spirits.’” — Halloween Called Dispirited, The Press Courier. October 31, 1979.
  • “‘Minors can’t buy nudie magazines, but they can step in the yard and look at that? That’s not right,’ said Sumner Thompson in support of his wife’s campaign.” — Newport nudity issue may go to referendum, Bangor Daily News, September 3, 1998
  • “Mrs. George W. Campbell recently killed a Gila monster on her farm here. Fish and game department officials at Augusta believe that the animal ‘must have escaped from some carnival traveling to the state, because no such creature exists in Maine.’ Gila monsters are members of the lizard family.” — Gila Monster in Maine, Painesville Telegraph. September 21, 1938.

PHOTO CREDIT (in order of appearance): Bill X, Honeywell Baby, Lauren Sawyer, Vicken Indjian, Raymond Bilodeau, Samantha Patterson, Justin Howe, Will Caswell, and Jesse Fearson

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