Portland Digital Inventory: “Thanks for Smashin Into My Element and Drivin Off” Edition

Top 9 lines from Greater Portland Missed Connections:

  • if only i was not married and you were single. maybe someday you and i will be more than just coworkers and friends. LINK
  • i just wanted to thank you for not treating me like an old man and for all your help on saturday.i got the black veil ladies t and she got crybaby.thank you. LINK
  • You can call me, I’m very understanding when it comes to matters of the heart. LINK
  • We were both buying celery together! LINK
  • I’m for real about this sh** but we didn’t exchange numbers to make it happen. LINK
  • I like a girl to show if she likes You and express it. LINK
  • You told me I had nice eyes and a cute smile, [girl at strip club]. As stupid as this sounds if this is you and you remember who I am and are interested in me get at me. LINK
  • Kind of a long shot, but you work there as a waitress. I was there last week on a “date” and it seemed like we were both slightly flirting with each other? LINK
  • thanks for smashin into my element and drivin off. the front end is all frigged up now. LINK

Best video of Santa Claus: Mexican Wrestler (from the Super Lucha Explosiva NYE event at SPACE Gallery):

Best video of a one-night-only performance of a Runaways cover band:

Best video of Acid Smoker playing an untitled song at Matthew’s as captured by Brass Cankles:

Top 8 Instagram photos tagged #PortlandMaine:

Instagram Credit: Emer Smith, Alex Steed, Raychel Libby, Shawna Leigh, Torrey Alan Johnson, Heidi Lowell, J Dank Skillz, The State Theater, and Angela G

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