Portland Digital Inventory and Weekend Goings On, December 14 – 16

Both the Digital Inventory and Weekend Goings-On listings were a little thin, so I combined them this week. Enjoy.

Warning: There is some language down there. Be careful.

Here are some things you can do in the coming days:



Top 5 lines from Portland-Area Missed Connections

  • You delivered my food the other day and I was super, super high. I think your name was Jon. You were cute as f*** and I totally wanted to live out a porn fantasy. LINK
  • I bet you have a girl friend or something but if the off chance you don’t, you and your beard should take me out on a date. LINK
  • You were drunk, talking to me while my girlfriend was away said you wanted to set a better example at this years party. I thought I sensed you were still interested in me. We will never know. LINK
  • You are an architect. Just moved to Portland. Need some help finding wood in Maine? LINK
  • To the young guy showing my wife some attention on the dance floor last night: Your grinding and hands on her ass got me the best sex… Other dudes: Let your wife flirt it’s all worth it! To the guy: Thanks man LINK

Top 5 Instagram photos tagged #PortlandMaine

Best YouTube Video of Fugazi Playing at The Asylum in 1998

Best Sketch of Morning in Paris:

Instagram Credit: beardedengineer, red_halo77, raeraewood, rachelkbrennan, and tomcouture
Sketch Credit: Rita of Sketchbook Wandering

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