37 Great, Affordable [Mostly] Maine Gifts Under $50 or: A Preview of the 4th Annual Picnic Holiday Sale

I got a lot of positive feedback on my Maine-Made Holiday Gift Guide, but a good number of folks expressed something to the tune of, “This is cool, but a lot of this stuff is pretty expensive, isn’t it?” My wife suggested I put together a “Great Maine Gifts Under $50 Guide” to complement it and accommodate folks who are, as we will be, operating on a limited budget and so I am doing just that.

Fortunately, my very favorite Portland event, Picnic Portland Holiday Sale, is happening this Sunday and so this list features a number of great gifts offered by vendors there. This list is not representative of all of their vendors (a list of which can be found here) but it does a pretty good swath.

“Three” Post Earrings
Dev Bennett, $38

Maine T-Shirt
Pinecone + Chickadee, $25

Blue Plaid Tea Towel
Ktaadn, $26

The Big Indian Photo Print on Wood
Theodora Made, $30

Narwhal Nightlight
Happy Owl Glassworks, $42

Relax Organic Herbal Tea with Tulsi
Herbal Revolution, $14

Chewbacca Tote
Ferdinand, $10

Extra Large Sloth Mug
Abby Berkson Ceramics, $42

Zeb the Shepherd
Mad Knits, $30

Blue Chrysanthemum Earrings
PULP, $10

Embroidery Birds Mountains Pattern Cartography Map Collage Archival Print
Selflesh, $30

Fill It Yourself Magnetic Spice Rack for Fridge
Gneiss Spice, $40

Wooden Farm Tractor
Finns and Flowers, $35

Tarjetero Wallet
Flowfold, $8

Armadillo Necklace
Little Pancakes, $24

Coffee Sack Vegan Wallet
ApRi, $10

Fluorite Earrings
The Last Domino, $22

I Love F-Bombs Print
Strong Arm Bindery, $10

Fire on Fire Print
Kinsellaart, $25

4 x 7, Hand Drawn 2013 Calendar
Erin Flett, $18

Sea Glass Necklace
Emily Nora, $40

Deer and Bird Bowl
Patti Sandberg Ceramics, $36

Maine Plaid Unisex T-Shirt
ByBethany, $25

A Slice of Orange Juice Earings
c.e. golden, $40

Yellow Reusable Cloth Snack Bag
Molly Broome, $5

Home Sweet Home Coasters
Pepper Sprouts, $28


Lost Monster Designs
, $22

Anchor Burlap Wall Art
Fiber and Water, $45

Spirograph Cosmetic Bag in Green and Tan Upholstery Fabric w. Floral Interior
Vonica Designs, $22

Red Beige Polka Dot Fluffy Earmuffs
Meerwiibli, $48

Happy Holidays Letterpress Card
Parrott Design Studio, $5

Koalas in the Woods Print
Eric Hou, $20

Mermaid Backgammon Tile Necklace
Chrononaut Mercantile, $28

Clay Shaving Soap
Coast of Eden, $5

Sterling Silver Maple Seed Necklace
Twigs and Heather, $50

Mix Tapes Screen Print
Kris Johnsen, $25

Scoop-Neck Green Tree Shirt
Morris & Essex, $28

Alex Steed

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