The “Cemetery Romance” Portland Digital Inventory: November 29th

An inventory of quasi-noteworthy Portland-focused Internet mentions from the past handful of days.

WARNING: There is some salty language / imagery down there. Read at your own risk.

Top 5 lines from Greater Portland Missed Connections:

  • Sorry I didn’t actually buy you a bra… Can I take you out to coffee to make up for it? LINK
  • You go to school with my lady, which is hard because I’m infatuated by you… Just give me a wink when you see me next. LINK
  • You: Adidas pants and Adidas sandles with white socks. LINK
  • Cheryl, I like your moves, and I was hoping to see you again, I’m not sure about Tuesday though. LINK
  • You fingered me in the cemetary parking lot, and then we went our separate ways. LINK

This long blog post about the Portland Foodie Tour utilizes the appropriate amount of exclamation points for a review

Top 5 Instagram photos tagged #PortlandMaine:

Most thorough blog review of the Edward Gorey show at the Portland Public Library

Best blog review of Gritty’s that employs the word hankerin’

Best observational Tweets about Portland:

INSTAGRAM PHOTO CREDITS: coreytempleton, nanettefaye, occupythecage, cbridge1978 and joyrocker

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