On progress, appreciation, and getting back in the ring

Of the two outcomes that were most likely last night, I am elated that President Obama won a second term and, more importantly, that Governor Romney and his outmoded Reagan-revivalist vision of America lost. I am happy to have woken up in a state in which “gay marriage” is a concept that is off the table, and that we simply acknowledge marriage now. In this state I am happy to see that tea party radicalism has been rejected by way of the Maine GOP losing both legislative bodies, and that there have been gains for women, gay communities, the liberalization of drug laws, and more progressive political movement throughout the country.

Unable to honestly define himself, and to find distance between him and the radical, nostalgic-to-their-own-detriment Republican Party, Mitt Romney lost, as did those who were brave or dumb enough to verbally articulate the party’s actual, insane stance on reproductive and women’s rights issues. Further, more voters than not were clear about the feeling that not only were Romney and the Republican Party dangerous bets for the restoration of our economy, but also that it was their brand of dangerous ideas that got us into this mess in the first place.

I am appreciative of national candidates like Ron Paul, Jill Stein and Gary Johnson, whose candidacies helped to bring issues to the fore that the establishment parties continue to be otherwise unwilling or scared to discuss. Similarly, I am grateful for local candidates like Asher Platts, Tom MacMillan, and Holly Seeliger for doing the same. Congratulations are in order for Ms. Seeliger’s win, by the way. And thank you, #occupiers, for forcing concepts like economic inequality, cronyism, and perpetual war culture into the public dialogue.

I was also exceedingly pleased by Wells Lyons, a young, energetic, thoughtful candidate whose impressive campaign served as an inspiration to other future leaders.

In all, this morning I am proud of the state of our nation. While I have been disappointed to read some conservatives suggest that the United States is falling apart and they are considering leaving the country (I hear government-free Somalia is nice this time of year), and I was horrified to see one suggest that the President should be killed in order to save the country, I am mostly heartened to know that Americans are turning their backs on the seductive snake-oil the radicalized GOP is selling.

While things appear to be getting somewhat better on the economic front, and progressive social issues are gaining traction, I have read a number of folks wonder what’s next. I offer these suggestions:

Some beautiful victories were scored across the board last night, and it is appropriate to celebrate them accordingly, but this system is still in need of a great deal of repair. Let’s rejoice, appreciate our victories and lick our wounds where appropriate, and then let’s get back to work fighting against injustice and for a better America.

PHOTO CREDIT: President Obama’s Twitter Feed

Alex Steed

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