On the root of Michael Heath’s homophobia

Because he rears his head whenever there is an opportunity for people obsessed with interfering with the rights of gay people, Michael Heath is in the news again.

The irony that homophobia can derive from the suppression of one’s own homosexual impulses is somehow lost on Calvinist bigot Heath. Apparently he has been oblivious to the past decade, which has served as an illustration to any sane person that the more enthusiastically a public figure amplifies their homophobia, the more likely said public figure is hiding [often poorly] their own active gay affairs.

Once gay marriage is legalized by referendum on Election Day, I hope that Heath is able to take some time to think hard on the complex reasons that motivate him to serve as a cheerleader for anti-gay bigotry. And if he gets to the bottom of the  reasons for his anti-enlightenment stance on human rights and decides that there are somehow no complicated, repressed roots responsible for his enthusiastic homophobic campaign, I hope that he lives out the rest of his days tormented for having spread nothing but hate for no reason other than self-promotion for all these years.

Alex Steed

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