Portland Digital Inventory: Missed Connections, lists, Tweets that will make you stabby, and more

An inventory of quasi-noteworthy Portland-focused Internet mentions from the past handful of days.

Top 6 lines from Portland Missed Connections:

  • I was selfish and foolish, like a person who wants to make a wild tiger a pet, to think I could make you settle down. [Link]
  • You were passing out samples of pirate booty. You should have dressed as a pirate because your booty got my attention. [Link]
  • You: hair of many colors, tattooed, cute and eater of cupcakes Me: the guy you cut in line [Link]
  • When we met you said you had baggage. “Steamer trunks, more like,” you said. [Link]
  • I found you to be very attractive and great customer service skills. [Link]
  • Oh, so I’m a weirdo for having the hots for you…why don’t I just cut off my [expletive] while I’m at it. [Link]

Top 5 Instagram photos tagged #PortlandMaine:

Most annoying line from a blog:

From Tim Holtz, who reports:

Portland, Maine: a charming waterfront makes this town such fun to walk around, and what better to find then a Starbucks!

Tweet that makes me the happiest:

Tweet that makes me the stabbiest:

List of places to visit as advised by the commenters in the comments section of a totes random blog:

Alison over at TeenAngster asked her readers what she should do while visiting Portland, to which they answered:

INSTAGRAM PHOTO CREDITS: huttopia, colleenpw, occupythecage, dloveslight, and gemmaborealis

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