Let’s make Portland [Nerd] famous.

Long story short: Let’s get Marc Maron’s and the Nerdist’s live shows to come to Portland.

A couple weeks ago I posted an excerpt from Nerdist’s interview with Anna Kendrick where Kendrick discussed her upbringing in Portland and some folks were upset with what was perceived as a lack of enthusiasm for our town. While I didn’t share the same concern, one person, Broke207 blogger Allie Munier, suggested that perhaps Kendrick’s unenthusiastic description would deter the Nerdist podcast from bringing their live show here. I found her worry particularly resonant, as I would love for Nerdist [and Marc Maron’s WTF, while we are at it] to bring their live show to our town.

Despite the fact that great venues like SPACE Gallery and the revitalized State Theater are helping to put Portland on the map for many performers, there are still many who still don’t know we exist. In the Nerdist interview with Kendrick, host Chris Hardwick admitted he had never been here before. This might explain why Maron’s or Hardwick’s live shows have never made it here: these folks probably know that ours is a beautiful port town, but not that we are worth making a show-business-y visit to.

In a roundabout way, Munier re-entered my life a week or so after her comment about the Kendrick post. When I appeared on LannaLee’s salon podcast, I received a beautiful gift basket assembled by Munier, which was a super cool collection of super cool things. This made me think, let’s send Hardwick and Maron curated Portland Gift Boxes to let them know that we have amazing things to offer and that the town is well worth visiting well worth bringing their respective shows to.

What should we put in these gift boxes? What do you have to contribute? Portland records? Portland films? Portland posters? Portland art? Portland beer (though not for Maron, respecting his sobriety… and Hardwick doesn’t drink, though I am sure his office would appreciate it)? Portland clothes? What else? Would you have something to contribute? Would your business be interested in sponsoring shipping? Let’s do this. Let’s put Portland on the [nerd] map.

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