Jon Courtney on MPBN Maine Calling

I am someone who feels so alienated by the modern political machine that the only thing that really seems to engage me anymore is when someone says or does something very, very stupid. Some politicians are better at this saying-stupid-things game than others, and more than ever before the Republican Party appears to go out of its way to serve as the intellectual house of these particular people.

Jon Courtney, Republican candidate for Maine’s 1st Congressional District, was on Maine Calling earlier today and when a caller asked whether or not the minimum wage should be raised, Courtney said no because this would irritate the “job creators.” Fair. But then he went on: Wouldn’t a better solution be to lower the amount of money that we give kids for working the same job an older person does? We can call it a training wage. Because you know what? If there is one thing we have learned from underwriting wars and corporate welfare by borrowing from future generations, it is that we can really save money by taking it away from children. Screw the kids. Next question.

This was, I should note, one of the few times that Courtney actually took a minute to address specifics. He occupied the remainder of the interview with a stream-of-conscious ramble so nonsensical, James Joyce might have been impressed. I have been told by people who know Courtney that he is a good man, which I do not doubt, but his confounding, lackluster performance brought to mind the great, fictitious Joad Cressbeckler, minus any of Cressbeckler’s endearing qualities.

Alex Steed

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