Don’t Tell Mom the Babysitter’s Dead is spectacular.

I know there are more important things in the world to discuss right now, but let’s do this. The amount of smoking that takes place in this movie, which is basically a comedy for kids, is actually impressive. There is lite gun play [“The dishes are done, man!] Everybody has straight up yellow teeth (probably […]

Your Ultimate Maine Made Holiday Gift Guide 2017: 50 under $50

Behold! The 6th annual Maine Gift Guide! Below we have a selection of 50 gifts under $50. A much larger selection of gifts—hundreds, actually—can be found at Maine Gift Guide, a project of Knack Factory and Might & Main. And we’ll be adding nearly 100 more next week, so stay tuned! All of these photographs […]

Parents! Watch Will vs. The Future with your kids right now [Interview]

I have an 8-year-old daughter and a good deal of my time and bandwidth is spent consuming various forms of totally mind-numbing entertainment with her. Much of what is produced for kids, particularly the serialized stuff, isn’t especially great and it can be tedious to sit through it. Not everything, especially in serialized form, can be […]

On Manchester

My heart bleeds for those people who, finding refuge in music, were killed and maimed. My mind immediately goes to our beautiful, excitable little girl who is a huge fan of pop music generally. She easily could have been one of the kids who died, had it taken place in a different setting. It kills […]

A few quick notes on writing for a paper

A few quick notes on writing for a paper [blogging and writing a column]: For the most part, I stopped reading the comments a long time ago. It’s way better for my health. I’m not looking to debate with people looking to debate. I’ll only look if the subject of a post of column is […]

Rest well, Chris Cornell

For a young, sensitive kid from Southwestern Maine, with next to no access to underground culture, glimpses of alternative possibilities, realities and ways of being came by way of the freaks who somehow happened to make their way into the mainstream. Grunge was such a huge part of that for me. And so in a lot […]