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LePage’s meltdown deflects from his own culpability

= If you’re looking for worthwhile commentary on LePage in the broader context of race, Shay Stewart-Bouley has already expertly delved into this. You can read her recent posts here and here. But this is one thing that’s been bothering me since last week’s meltdown. What strikes me about each of these explosions is that no matter […]

Mr. Trump: Please devote part of your visit to the youth. [Guest Post]

My friend David Thete, a young activist and organizer, wrote the following open letter to Donald Trump regarding the presidential candidate’s rally later this afternoon. Thete, who is soon bound for Morehouse College, is young, bright and extraordinarily passionate about justice and the fate of the youth. I’d love to see Mr. Trump take David […]

On Sanders’ endorsement

I don’t buy the “Bernie or Bust” tantrum. I offer the following as someone who has been a Bernie Sanders fanatic since meeting him back in 2006, and working in proximity to his Senate campaign that same year. Bernie is the candidate I most wanted to win the 2016 Democratic nomination, which is the same thing […]

About that beaver-eating super snake…

A giant snake (giant for Maine) was spotted eating a mammal in Westbrook. While I’m not convinced this wasn’t a sighting of Trump pre-gaming his Bangor rally at Don’s Lunch, this headline in the Press Herald is AMAZING: Large snake spotted eating beaver on banks of river in Westbrook It evokes, of course, the drawing […]